irissann (irissann) wrote,

"Урал" - лучший!

Мотоцикл «Урал» оказался в рейтинге лучших транспортных средств, которые можно купить в 2016 году, по версии агентства Bloomberg.

The Ural with sidecar is a perfect all-around motorcycle: It goes in the snow, goes over sand and mud, and can carry your best friend, be it human or canine. Ural’s CT model has a 749cc 41-horsepower engine with a 4-speed clutch transmission. It has a slow top speed (70 mph), but the amount of fun it provides more than makes up for the fact that you’re not popping wheelies at 100 mph. It’s a good plaything for dates and outings with nonriding friends and  a good tool for backwoods chores and inclement weather. My guess is that if you get one, you’ll find you ride it more often than your two-wheeled motorcycle.
Tags: Автопром, Россия
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